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Your Best Interest

Waveform Wealth Partners

Your Best Interest

It is a value of ours to be clear and upfront about the fees you pay to us for comprehensive financial planning. As fiduciaries, Waveform Wealth Partners and the Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company purposefully follow the latest industry guidelines to provide you with detailed and relevant information.

Our clients pay us for the products and services that we provide in three likely ways:

  1. A fee based financial plan for customized solutions

  2. A percentage of the investment brokerage and/or advisory fees collected

  3. Commissions paid in the sale of insurance products

At Waveform Wealth Partners we make impactful decisions with your best interest and longevity in mind:

  1. Investment assets will be held through Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, an independent broker dealer.

  2. Knowledge that Northwestern Mutual policyowners continue to see this value, with over 96% staying with the company year over year. ¹

  3. Association with the Northwestern Mutual, a 160-year-old mutual company operated for the benefit of its policyholders, not stockholders.

  4. While primarily affiliated with and compensated by the Northwestern Mutual for the sale of its insurance products, we will recommend the products of other insurers when appropriate.

Please see the following resources to learn more: